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The Mission of the Alabama Control Association (AACA) is to ensure that training is made available for all animal control officers and humane officers throughout the state and work with local and state officials to enact new animal related laws.

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What is Alabama Animal Control Association?

The mission of the Alabama Animal Control Association (AACA) is to ensure that training is made available for all animal control officers and humane officers throughout the state and work with local and state officials to enact new animal related laws.

• To educate and train animal control and humane officers
• Develop rigorous penalties for offenders
• To develop programs with special emphasis on responsible pet ownership
• To act as advocates for those unable to speak for themselves

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Animal Bites

A person who knows of an animal bite that caused an abrasion, scratch, puncture, tear, or piercing of the skin that causes bleeding or scratch to an individual shall report the incident or animal to the local rabies control authority, in which the animal is located, or in which the exposure occurs.

Please promptly report animal bites to your local Health department & Animal Control/Police Dept. offices immediately.

Rabies Vaccination

The owner of each domestic dog or cat shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies by four months of. The animal must receive a booster within the twelve-month interval following initial vaccination. Every domestic dog or cat must be re-vaccinated against rabies at a minimum of at least once every three years with a rabies vaccine licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture. The vaccine must be administered by a state licensed vet and according to label recommendations. Official rabies vaccination certificates shall be issued by the vaccinating veterinarian.

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Training of
Animal Control Officers (Section 3-1-16)

Employment by county commission of persons to enforce laws for prevention of cruelty to animals, compensation, oath and powers of same.
The county commissions of the respective counties of this state may employ a suitable person or persons who shall be charged specially with the duty of enforcing all laws for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and to fix the compensation of such officer or officers, which shall be paid in the same manner as other salaries of county employees are paid, and such officer or officers, upon taking the oath as required to be taken by deputy sheriffs, shall be vested with all powers
now vested by law in deputy sheriffs.

(Acts 1911, No. 127, p. 112; Code 1923, 83217; Code 1940, T.3, 813.) 

Humane Investigators :
(Section 13A-11-242) 

Any county or municipality may appoint one or more trained agents to inspect alleged violations
of this article, to protect dogs or cats from any cruelty charged, and to prevent any cruelty to any
Local governing body duly called with notice.

(Act 2000-615, p. 1252, 83.)
Any locality employing an animal control officer or deputy animal control officers may appoint them as agents to inspect alleged violations of the dog and cat cruelty law, once they have received AACA certification.

Animal control officers: records
An animal control officer, upon taking custody of any animal in the course of fulfilling his or Her duties, shall immediately make a record of the matter to include:

a. The date in which the animal was taken into custody
b. The date of the making of the record.
c. A physical description of the animal to include but not limited to; species, color, breed, sex, approximate age; approximate weight; any identification on the animal, any special
identifying characteristics
d. The reason for taking custody of the animal
e. The location where the animal was taken into
f. Name and address of the owner of the animal, if known
g. The disposition of the animal Records required by this subsection shall be maintained by the locality employing the animal control officer for 7 years and shall be made available for public inspection upon request

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