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Animal Control & Care Academy

Certificate of
Shelter Technician
October 23-25

Registration Fees
Course Fee: $400.00

Animal Control & Care Academy

ASP Certification
Oct. 26th

Registration Fees
Course Fee: Free

Animal Control & Care Academy

Animal Control Academy Registration
by Oct. 15th 2021

Registration Fees
Registration Fee: $300.00/ Day Rate $75

Alabama Animal Control Association Training Headquarters

Ph: 251-574-3860 

Alabama Animal Control Training Headquarters

Animal Control Officers :

(Section 3-1-16) 

Employment by county commission of persons to enforce laws for prevention of cruelty to animals, compensation, oath and powers of same.
The county commissions of the respective counties of this state may employ a suitable person or persons who shall be charged specially with the duty of enforcing all laws for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and to fix the compensation of such officer or officers, which shall be paid in the same manner as other salaries of county employees are paid, and such officer or officers, upon taking the oath as required to be taken by deputy sheriffs, shall be vested with all powers
now vested by law in deputy sheriffs.

(Acts 1911, No. 127, p. 112; Code 1923, 83217; Code 1940, T.3, 813.)
Alabama Animal Control Training Headquarters

Alabama Animal Control Association

Ph: 251-574-3860 

About Us

What is Alabama Animal Control Association?

   The mission of the Alabama Animal Control Association (AACA) is to ensure that training is made available for all animal control officers and humane officers, throughout the state and work with local and state officials to enact new animal related laws.
• To educate and train animal control and humane officers
• Develop rigorous penalties for offenders
• To develop programs with special emphasis on responsible pet ownership
• To act as advocates for those unable to speak for themselves

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ASP certification is postponed until next month.


Congratulations on the completion of the Shelter Technician Certification.


Special Thanks to Mr. J.T Taylor & Mr. John Mays.



Day 1 of Shelter Technician Certification.
Mobile, Al.

►Meeting location:
Jon Archer Agricultural Center, Large Auditorium (October 23-24) and Small Auditorium (October 25), 1070 Schillinger Rd., N., Mobile, Alabama 36608. Need directions? Please call Andrew Stubbs at 251-574-3860.

►The class schedule is as follows:
Instructor: James "J.T." Taylor
October 23
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM – Proactive Animal Sheltering; Breed Identification and Descriptions; Animal Shelter Maintenance
October 24
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM – Animal Care in a Sheltering Environment; Animal Disposition Options; Disease Exposures in a Sheltering Environment; Animal Shelter Record Keeping
October 25
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM – Emergency Animal Sheltering; Canine and Feline Behaviors and Assessments; Final Examination

Each Day: 1 hour lunch; 5-10 minute break each hour.


Professional Development for Animal Control ProfessionalsAACA

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